Landscape Maintenance

Paradise Lawn and Landscapes maintenance program is an integral part of every landscape, you must maintain it to protect your investment. Without proper maintenance a pristine and prideful landscape can decline rather quickly. We pride ourselves on providing maintenance services to some of the most prestigious communities and residential homes in Central Florida. Maintenance is often thought of as the practice of mowing and manicuring lawn areas. In fact, true landscape maintenance is best defined as a package of services which does include mowing and all the tasks associated with it, however, the secret to success is in the detail. The difference between hiring a service to “mow” your lawn and provide maintenance is more complex than you could imagine!

Landscape Maintenance consists of two core services with dependent ancillary services to make the complete package.  These two services are mowing and detailing.  The services that support landscape maintenance are items such as Fertilization & Pest Control, Annual Flowers, Mulching and of course, Irrigation. Our service team can provide customized options for maintenance that will meet the needs and budget of each client.