Irrigation Services

new_pro-c-300x2151One of the most important tasks of maintaining your landscape investment is proper watering. Irrigation is not meant to replace natural rainfall, however, designed correctly, your system should provide water to your plants and lawn areas when natural rains do not occur.

Most of us do not water with garden hoses and plastic sprinklers anymore, today’s modern irrigation systems can easily be controlled remotely from across the globe, even from your Smartphone! Our irrigation department will regularly inspect, optimize, adjust or repair any irrigation system. Our service team takes great pride in being able to conserve our valued water resources for future generations, while keeping the best interest of your landscape’s health in mind!

We can provide a one-time repair or regularly scheduled inspections or even a full irrigation system installation to any residential or commercial jobsite!  We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technology in irrigation. A Paradise Lawn and Landscape technician will be able to recommend what option is best for you and your landscape